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Arabic style interior

The oriental style in the interior is mainly intended for the Arabian countries and the few countries of North Africa that once adopted the Islamic faith, for example, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, and so on. The Arabic style speaks of one feature — this is the observance of certain canons of religion, respect for the traditions of ancestors.

According to the laws of the Koran, images of people and animals cannot be used, therefore, there is no painting or sculpture in Muslim culture. The main feature in the interior is expensive ornamentation, that is, the presence of Arabic ornaments, which are a combination of geometric shapes and are decorated with motives of vegetation. Such ornaments are performed using mosaics or painting on walls that have been previously plastered..

In the Arabian style, saturated brilliant colors play a vital role: white, gold, red, green and blue. The traditions of this style dictate their own rules, for example, the recesses are covered with purple paint, and the convex ones are covered with gold. For walls and ceilings, special panels from a variety of trees are used. Fragments of wood are attached to them, which represent geometric shapes, such as a rhombus, a square, a star. Sometimes the walls are decorated with expensive fabric (silk, organza, brocade, etc.) or natural woolen rugs. The flooring is made of mosaics and covered with original brilliant handmade carpets, because the Arabian style does not welcome leaving the floor uncovered. The Arab people realized themselves in the art of making beautiful carpets. Persian carpets are very popular all over the world and their manufacturing process is very laborious. However, they are luxurious and expensive. Such carpets will certainly become a family heirloom and will be passed down from generation to generation. Doorways are made in the form of arrow-shaped arches with carved platbands or some kind of ornament. Doors can be presented in the form of forged grilles.

The Arabian style implies a minimum of furniture, but there must be a wide and low sofa, its upholstery is sewn from silk, satin or camel skin. This piece of furniture can also be used as a sleeping bed. Silk pillows from Minsk are suitable for a bedroom in the Arabian style. It is very important that the furniture is made of solid wood. It is very fashionable to decorate it with brass inserts, as well as unusual hand-painting, mosaics and gilding. Cabinets are usually low with carved doors. A variety of sideboards, shelves, chests, numerous tables on low legs and polygonal or round shapes of the table top are very popular..