Arrangement of a small spring

After all, you must admit that it is pleasant enough to hear when a small spring beats on that site. What to do, in the same case, if nature just bypassed you, there is no water in that area, but in principle, there is no trace? Create a fake product — it will not take long, it requires a minimum of spending from you.

You will need:

1. Shovel.

2. Adequate water container.

3. Metal grill.

4. Scissors for metal.

5. Electric pump of a closed cycle, specialized attachments to it.

5. Durable fiberglass.

6. Scissors.

7. Clean mountain sand.

8. Natural stones and, in addition, medium gravel.


1. First you need to choose a place where you would like to see your small spring.

2. Make a mark on the ground, and also dig a pit of the required depth, all the same size as, as well as the appropriate container for water chosen by you. You can also use a bath, a tank or an ordinary barrel..

3. At the very bottom of the pit, pour a layer of sifted sand to level

4. Ram the very bottom and, in addition, the partitions of the pit for further work.

5. Check the depth of the pit with the height of the container. It is necessary so that the uppermost side of the container during the installation process is located at the same level with the ground.

6. Install a suitable container, and also fill the edge cracks with rock sand.

7. Install a closed-loop electric pump in the tank..

8. Pour water into a suitable container.

9. Place the wire rack on top of the container. It should be remembered that the more you intend to put adornments on top of the false oak, the stronger the grill will be required..

10. Use metal scissors to cut a neat hole in the grate.

11. At the top of the grill, place a strong flexible glass cloth, cut a small hole in it in the same place as, as well as a neat hole in the grill.

12. Pull the conduit from the electric pump through the grate and in addition to the fiberglass.

13. Install the bell nozzle on the electric pump.

14. Switch on the electric pump and adjust the shape and height of the jet well..

15. Decorate flexible durable fiberglass and, in addition, the electric pump with natural stones, river gravel.

16. The false rod is already ready!

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