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Belarusian matte lipsticks — the beauty trend of the season

In order to make an image expressive, you do not need to have a whole arsenal of makeup products. Only one product will perfectly cope with this — Belarusian lipstick! After all, the lips of girls are the main weapon for seduction.

The rules of application, textures, shades are changing, but the essence remains the same — in makeup, lipstick plays, perhaps, the most important role. Belarusian matte lipstick has become a beauty trend this season. This lipstick does not require a clear contour, it can be applied without special tools, without shading with your fingers. Matches perfectly with lip gloss and oil.

If you are not used to deviating from the rules, first select the contour of the lips with a pencil and give your image completeness and depth. Match the contour to the tone of the lipstick or a tone brighter. Dark glamorous shades with a classic matte texture fall on the lips very softly and are more suitable for evening looks, if for you to do such an emphasis on lips on weekdays is a common thing, feel free to use this option for everyday makeup.

Persistence of the Belarusian matte lipstick.

The high percentage of powder in the composition of Belarusian lipsticks prolongs the color fastness and there is no need for additional application of the product after a few hours. During the day (after eating and kissing), you can slightly adjust and supplement the shortcomings, if necessary. In hot weather, on the beach, even without a preliminary contour, the lipstick does not spread, does not sink into the natural folds of the lips, but lays down in an even color due to its texture.

Who is matte lipstick shades suitable for??

Absolutely everyone is on the list of leaders: brunettes, blondes and, naturally, brown-haired women. You can apply the matte lipstick as you are used to, or with a brush, soft cone-shaped applicator, with your fingers (creating the effect of kissed lips). Belarusian manufacturers made sure that lipsticks in bright shades do not require a clear contour.

For blondes, matte shades are a real must-have in makeup. The colors and textures of lip products change with each season, but matte shades are not out of fashion. To find your color, focus on your skin tone. If you have a lot of freckles and your skin does not lend itself to sunburn, choose colder colors. For brown-haired women with dark eyes and olive skin, pink shades with warm tones are suitable. For brunettes, in order to highlight the image and draw attention to the lips, shades that contrast with the skin tone are suitable. Shades of Belarusian lipstick can be combined with clothes, accessories (scarf, headband, hat). Have plenty of matte lipsticks in your bag for daily experimentation.