Bread prices in Russia want to raise

Experts from the Russian Grain Union believe that the cost of one loaf of bread should be about fifty to sixty rubles. Otherwise, manufacturers of bakery products will continue to save on raw materials, thereby supplying poor quality bread to the population..

This initiative was also supported by Arkady Zlochevsky, who is the head of the Russian Grain Union, stating that the price of bread must be raised to the specified level, since today this is the real cost of quality bread. At the same time, he said that currently the bread sold in stores is of «disgusting» quality, and the main reason for this is its low cost. Manufacturers are simply not able to bake quality bread, selling it at an average price of twenty rubles per loaf. You need to understand that the cost of bakery products includes various costs: for paying salaries to employees, for maintaining production facilities, for paying for utility services, etc..

In addition, Zlochevsky added, of no small importance is the fact that the value of bread, as the most important social product, is set by the state. In the current situation, many producers have to resort to savings, while departing from GOST and using low-quality raw materials, the president of the Russian Grain Union stated..

An increase in the cost of the final product to fifty to sixty rubles will allow production workers to improve their financial situation and improve the quality of purchased raw materials. However, the expert is also confident that the sharp rise in prices will negatively affect the current situation. According to Zlochevsky, the country should adopt a food support program for low-income categories of the population (pensioners, disabled people, large families, etc.) who cannot afford to buy expensive products. In particular, he proposes that the state compensate part of the expenses to the poor by transferring a certain amount to their bank cards. This will ensure the availability of high-quality bread for all categories of Russians..

So far, prices for flour and bread in Russia continue to grow gradually, in this regard, the Agrarian Committee of the State Duma gave instructions to the Ministry of Economic Development to prepare and implement a number of measures as soon as possible, which are designed to stop the rise in prices. At the moment, the government is considering such techniques as: additional grain interventions on the market, allocation of subsidies, freezing of utility tariffs, lowering rental rates.