Citrus for immunity.

Our immunity is one of the strongholds of our body, not criminal and protecting us from any microbes and viruses. But even this impregnable wall is very vulnerable, since it must be constantly maintained and strengthened. The enhancement and strengthening of immunity is organized through the correct distribution of the resources of our body. That is, a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, sound sleep and, of course, maintaining a good mood. Indeed, often a violation of immunity occurs during the blues, depression caused by many factors. Vitamins are one of the means to raise our protective barrier of the body. It is the correct distribution of these nutrients that will help us keep our immunity strong and inaccessible..

One of the main vitamins necessary for our body is vitamin C. It is about him that I will talk about in our section. This vitamin is found in abundance in fruits such as citrus fruits. Our body needs it for the normal functioning of the immune system. And this is due to the fact that this vitamin is involved in the production of energy and the synthesis of a special protein — interferon.

Also, ascorbic acid instantly penetrates our leukocytes, helping and enhancing the ability to capture dangerous foreign proteins and viruses. What contributes to the struggle of our body against infection with all kinds of nasty things.

So the required daily dosage of vitamin C is contained, for example, in four tangerines or one grapefruit.

But it is worth remembering that even such a substance has its own contraindications. It should not be used for severe gastritis, stomach and intestinal ulcers, as well as for allergies to citrus fruits..

It is for this reason that many doctors advise you to properly distribute fruits and vegetables in your diet. Indeed, with the correct distribution of nutrients, you become immune to many viruses and other types of diseases..

I will also note that this is not the only important vitamin for our body, but one of the most important. Fasting the body for this vitamin can lead to quite serious complications..