Color in the interior: how to make the right choice

Basic recommendations for choosing colors in the interior

Choosing the right color scheme is an important task when carrying out any repair..

Our internal state depends on it, which is not only scientifically proven, but also confirmed in practice..

When choosing a color to use in an interior, the following criteria should be considered:

Location of the room

If the windows of the room face the north side, you should choose warm colors. Yellow, orange, beige, golden, pink shades will look perfect. In the case of a southern location of the room, blue, blue, green, lilac tones will look more attractive. With uneven lighting of the room (one wall is darkened, and the second is illuminated by the sun’s rays), it is better to choose two close shades of the same color, and the darker wall should be painted in a lighter tone.

Room size

With the help of pattern and color, you can visually adjust the size of the room. So, in small rooms, to increase them, it is recommended to use light colors, and the ideal solution for low ceilings is to paint them in white or white-blue, or use glossy paint. The most effective way to «raise» the ceiling is to cover it with a mirrored surface. As for the patterns, for small rooms it is better to select a small pattern, and in large rooms with high ceilings, wallpapers of bright saturated colors with a large volumetric pattern will look spectacular.

Appointment of the premises

The selection of the color scheme largely depends on the purpose of the room. To create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, it is recommended to use light colors with silver, gold, bronze elements, while contrasting patterns should not be preferred. For a child’s room, it is best to choose combinations of unsaturated shades of yellow, green, blue and pink. For halls, hallways, corridors, you should select shades of warm dark colors, for example, brown, beige, olive. Living rooms painted in orange, burgundy, purple tones will look much more comfortable.

Room furnishings and furniture

The selected wall color should go well with furniture and interior details, as well as complement them. In the case of extravagant furniture, it is better to choose neutral and discreet wall decoration options and vice versa..

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that these are only recommendations. In any case, the chosen color should be pleasant to those who are constantly in the room and should not «put pressure» on them.

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