Consumer hopes and doubts

Specialists and analysts of the information analytical Internet resource ForexAW pay great attention to the study and forecasting of macroeconomic indicators that characterize the economic and social aspects of the development of public relations. From this perspective, the issues and problems of the functioning of domestic consumer markets, inflation and consumer prices, industrial employment of the population, employment and unemployment, consumer confidence in the stability of their material security, and readiness to buy new goods are of considerable interest. Numerous analytical and informational materials on the subject matter are published on the pages of the site..

To draw up a complete picture of the economic development of states, experts, analytical centers and agencies use multiple macroeconomic indicators and indicators, one of which is a comprehensive indicator of consumer confidence, which includes various aspects of the social and economic life of citizens. The consumer confidence index characterizes national civic attitudes and public reaction to the current situation in the economy and socio-political relations in the state. It reflects the degree to which consumers have hopes and doubts about the future. The consumer confidence index is often used to identify trends and make forecasts in the field of the overall state of the economy, employment of the population, and its consumer potential. This indicator is a leading indicator of business cycle and activity. The consumer confidence index is determined by sample surveys of citizens and their families on economic and social issues, as the ratio of positive and negative answers.

The consumer confidence index is determined based on the results of public online research, based on such parameters as the confidence of the population in employment and the prospects of receiving decent wages, an estimate of the size of personal financial receipts and savings, the ability and willingness of citizens to buy new goods, invest personal funds in real estate. , investment projects and other expensive acquisitions. This index is largely subjective, since it reflects the personal opinion of the respondents on issues of interest and is subject to the influence of many external economic, social and information factors, but ultimately reflects the objective reality.

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