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EU Chamber of Commerce to open in Yerevan

The official opening of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Armenia will take place on February 7 in Yerevan. As reported in the EU Chamber of Commerce, the chamber was founded with the assistance of the EU Commission, the EU Delegation and the embassies of the EU countries in Armenia. According to the press release, EU organizations and individuals are the main direct investors in the republic and its important trading partners. However, as noted in the press release, until now there has not been a single body representing the interests of investors and trade partners of the EU countries in Armenia. The main goal of the EU Chamber of Commerce will be to promote the development of a business atmosphere in Armenia to attract potential European investments, develop trade relations between Armenia and the EU countries, and develop programs for the development of trade relations..

EBRD will acquire up to 20% of shares of «Armeconombank» It is quite realistic that by the end of the first half of 2003 the EBRD will acquire up to 20% of shares of the Armenian «Armeconombank». This was stated by and. O. Nikolay Khadzhiski, Director of the EBRD Yerevan Office. In his words, the EBRD is ready to move from credit programs and trade financing to participation in the capital of Armenian banks. «We work with leading Armenian banks and this year we will focus on the financial sector,» he said. According to N. Hajiski, in the near future, the toughening of competition will lead to the consolidation of the banking sector in Armenia. According to him, the current economic growth has a positive effect on the stability and development of the banking sector. Among the sure signs of the development of the banking system of the RA N. Hadzhiski named the improvement of the quality of services, the introduction of new technologies and banking products. It should be reminded that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has twice already financed «Armeconombank» under the Regional Trade Facilitation Program in the amount of $ 500,000 and the MultiBank Framework Facility in the amount of $ 1 million..

The EBRD’s investments in 2003 will amount to $ 4.5 million. O. Nikolay Khadzhiski, Director of the EBRD Yerevan Office. In his words, in case of implementation of large infrastructure projects in different sectors of the Armenian economy, the EBRD’s portfolio for the current year may increase sharply. The head of the representative office said that the EBRD’s cooperation with the financial and banking sector of Armenia «develops well» for the last two years. He noted that this is a consequence of the dynamic development of the Armenian economy. “We have a desire and ambition to expand cooperation with different banks in different directions,” said Nikolai Khadzhiski. The total portfolio of the EBRD in Armenia over the past 10 years is $ 140 million.