Features of choosing a shower cabin

The modern market offers a very large assortment of shower cabins. This design is simply irreplaceable if the apartment has a small bathroom. Since everyone spends a lot of time in the bathroom and uses it every day, the level of comfort depends to a large extent on the characteristics of the shower cubicle. Therefore, the choice of such a product should be treated very responsibly, while taking into account all its main features..

First of all, you need to decide on the place where the shower stall will be installed. Where the shower cubicle will be installed in the bathroom, its appearance will depend. Corner cabins are the most popular as they require the least amount of space..

It should be noted along the way that it is desirable that the installation and assembly of the shower cabin is carried out by qualified specialists, since, in the event of improper installation of such a product, it will malfunction and fail very quickly. Therefore, to carry out work on the installation of the cabin, it is better to contact a specialized company..

After the location for the installation of the cabin is selected and its dimensions are determined, they proceed to the selection of its shape. In this case, corner cabins provide the greatest choice, since they can be square, oval, round, square, rectangular or even pentagonal in shape..

You also need to choose the material from which the booth should be made. Most often, you have to choose between acrylic and glass. At the same time, glass has a higher cost, but is a more durable material. There are many finishing options — the walls of the cabin can be matte, transparent, with a special application or colored.

An important issue is the type of door opening, since the level of comfort in using the shower cubicle and the bathroom as a whole will depend on this in the future. Most often, consumers are offered cabins with sliding, hinged doors that open both inward and outward, folding and even revolving doors.

In addition, you should pay attention to equipping shower cabins with a wide variety of additional accessories, which also contribute to an increase in the level of comfort..