Features of installing windows: why do you need foam

The installation of a window structure is no less important than its manufacture. This process uses certain technologies and materials. As for the latter, experts advise giving preference to polyurethane foam. This substance is capable of completely filling the gaps between walls and frames. Foam has many advantages over analogues. This includes:

excellent thermal insulation qualities;

absorption and distribution of mechanical pressure;

indifference to uneven surfaces;

affordable cost and ease of use.

High-quality polyurethane foam is suitable for almost all building materials. The latter does not include silicone and wax, polyethylene and polypropylene, Teflon. High-quality insulation makes the foam durable. It can be used to fill holes, cracks, crevices and other defects. After solidification, the raw material becomes resistant to mechanical shock. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor work. Before applying the foam, a waterproofing material such as a rubber seal must be installed. From above, polyurethane is plastered or treated with a sealant. It is these substances that affect the durability of the window structure as a whole. Excess foam is cut off with a special construction knife.

Having made the decision to use polyurethane foam, it is worth remembering that after application it can increase in volume by 7-8 percent. A large joint thickness can be fatal for a window frame. It will bend and it will hardly be possible to fix it back. This could damage the fittings. Rigid fasteners will help to avoid such phenomena. In other words, the sealing and waterproofing of windows is one of the key points in the installation of the structure..

It should be borne in mind that it is necessary to protect both internal and external cracks. The size of the latter should not exceed 3 cm. Especially if the window is large. Achieving the results you want is easy. Leading manufacturers produce additional profiles that allow you to expand the box if necessary. In this case, the glazing area will remain the same. Additional profiles will have to be paid additionally, but their cost is low, so there will be no significant impacts on the wallet.