Foot treatment with folk remedies

When your legs are healthy, you can see the world and enjoy life. Unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. Every person is faced in life with at least one of the problems associated with diseases of the legs. In many ways, their occurrence depends on the harm associated with the profession. If your work is related to activities that require you to spend more than six hours on your feet (salespeople, masseurs, teachers, dancers), then it is very likely that in the next ten years, you may encounter edema, venous mesh or varicose veins..

Alas, this factor can be avoided only by retraining.

Everyone knows that overweight people often suffer from kidney failure as a result of swelling of the legs. Blood pressure rises, pains in the legs appear. What to do and how to get rid of swelling of the legs and venous asterisks?

In ancient times, there were healers, they collected various plants, dried, made preparations for medicinal raw materials. These people were doctors and they were contacted from all the outskirts to cure their ailment. Apparently not in vain. Traditional medicine remains a popular method of self-medication at the present time..

There are many effective folk remedies to relieve pain, fatigue and swelling in the legs..

With the help of herbal baths, you can relax, relieve pain symptoms and even have fun..

An alcoholic tincture made from arma leaves is quite effective. To prepare it, you will need 100 grams of arma leaves with a large root and 1 liter of vodka or moonshine. Mix everything and put in a dark secluded place for about twenty days. The tincture is ready. Take a tampon, moisten with tincture and lubricate the joints on the legs, wrap something warm. Can be used every day at night.

There is also an old recipe for how to get rid of pain in the legs and remove varicose asterisks — these are chestnuts. The recipe is pretty simple. Gather 20 ripe chestnuts, cut in half with a knife, clean out the center and crush.

Pour half a liter of vodka or moonshine into the resulting gruel. You need to insist exactly two weeks. After that, you can lubricate your feet with tincture and wrap them in a warm blanket. Results should be visible within a couple of days.