Grant program: nuances and features

Charity is called disinterested assistance, both to individual citizens and to entire organizations and even countries. There is a huge number of areas of activity in accordance with which charitable foundations are created. For example, social funds provide material, medical assistance to the population, provide food and clothing. Scientific foundations are created to study problems, conduct research, develop science and educate the population. Each scientific charitable foundation has its own specific focus, depending on the types of research it sponsors (in the field of medicine, politics, physics, mathematics, sociology, psychology, electronics, economics, etc.).

Scientific charitable foundations provide support in the form of a grant and donation program. The grant program is a relatively new concept and involves the free transfer of funds for the implementation of a certain scientific project. Grant social programs, as a rule, are issued on a competitive basis and, before issuing funds, lend themselves to careful study, analysis and verification by the fund managers..

Charitable Foundation for Social Research «Khamovniki» works both on the principle of open doors, when everyone can submit their project for consideration, and under the program of grant competitions. The main activity of the foundation is the financing of social research. By allocating funds, this organization does not interfere in the course of the research being carried out, and also does not receive intellectual property rights to it. The only task of the staff of the Khamovniki Charitable Foundation is to control the spending of the allocated funds during the implementation of the project. However, receiving a grant obliges to make the results of his research into the public domain..

Both researchers or research teams and legal entities can apply for a grant. The main thing that interests the fund’s employees is the experience in the field declared for research. The deadline for obtaining a grant for a project or research is usually about six months, so it is recommended to apply in advance. After filing, the application is thoroughly checked first for the presence of the appropriate qualifications and the completeness of the information provided, and then falls into the hands of the head of the expert group. He appoints two experts to review the project and, in accordance with their recommendations, the board of the foundation will make a decision on granting a grant..