How our tourists in France bought iPhones

Many entrepreneurs and tourists who visited France to buy Apple products complained about the attacks of robbers and swindlers..

According to Russians, near Apple branded stores in France, you can often observe representatives of Caucasian nationality, speculating on the opportunity to purchase a phone or tablet without queuing. Previously, tourists made statements to the Russian Embassy in France and local police stations with statements about thefts committed near shops. After the purchase of equipment, people of clearly Caucasian nationality approached them, took them to deserted places and took away the purchased goods, often beating up tourists.

There were cases when, having heard the Russian dialect, a company of Caucasians approached people and offered to help them purchase the desired product without queuing for a fee. They lured money from gullible tourists and then hid. Apple, preventing such scams, began to issue coupons for goods. They could be obtained in the store, having previously indicated the quantity of goods that would be purchased. No more than two such coupons were issued per person. But the swindlers also found a loophole here. They began to artificially create a queue near stores and sell places closer to the entrance. Prices for «closer seats» ranged from € 30 to € 100, depending on the excitement.

As one of the participants in the events comments, he arrived in France to buy an iPhone.

— I always go here for office equipment. And I noticed that the same faces were constantly scurrying around the shops. Been here already three times at least, but this time they managed to rob me. The queue that day was very long. I bought two tickets from one of the Caucasians for 30 € and moved almost to the door. In this store I could buy only one iPad and enterprising Caucasians advised me to go to another store near the Louvre. On the way there, they robbed me, dragging me into a courtyard, — said the victim.

When he contacted the embassy, ​​the officers took him to the police, where they took a statement from the young man. The results are not visible to this day. Unfortunately, the French police are unable to solve more of these cases. The thefts were repeatedly reported in newspapers. But no measures were taken, — said the staff of the embassy in France. At the moment, about 8 thousand Caucasians are officially living in Paris. Many of them are on unemployment benefits. Young people are interrupted by temporary work, some of them by robbery. The authorities promise to take control of the situation, but most likely everything will return to normal with the end of the hot sales of Apple products..