How to choose the right foundation

Two and a half kilograms — this amount of chemistry annually enters the female body along with cosmetics. According to experts, this can cause considerable harm to health, because the chemical elements that are in scrubs, creams and powder through the skin go straight into the bloodstream, and this is much more dangerous than if women simply ate cosmetics. But you should not give up powder or foundation, because this is a kind of shield that protects the skin from premature aging. You can buy holy land cosmetics and not worry about its safety, because all of the products have been certified in Russia. The main thing is to choose the right cosmetics for your skin type..

Modern cosmetics are designed not only to create beauty, but also to take care of the body. So most of the foundations today are used primarily not to mask imperfections on the face, but to moisturize the skin. Depending on the category of the product, this can be both short-term hydration and long-term hydration. It depends on the policy of the manufacturer or on the price category. The moisturizing effect is provided by special ingredients that are added to the cream.

How do you choose the right cosmetics for you? Practice shows that a good foundation lasts from 6 to 12 hours on the face, and the cheapest products do not have any effect, neither masking nor caring. There are no vitamins in them, just a regular foundation. When choosing a face cream, you should pay attention to its structure, which should be light. For dry skin, choose a more liquid foundation. And before buying, be sure to apply the product on your hand to find out how it fits on the skin. In decorative cosmetics there is such a concept as hiding power, this is the property of a product to cover the skin, adhere well to it and at the same time give an even layer compatible with the skin..

To prevent the cream from spoiling, it should be open as little as possible, so it is better to buy a product packaged in a bottle with a pump. If you have been using cosmetics for more than six months, pay attention to its smell and structure. A pungent scent and lumps are a sign that the cream is past its expiration date..