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How to cut hard floor tiles

Many home improvement stores offer the attention of the buyer a huge range of ceramic floor tiles, the design options of which can satisfy any request..

However, in addition to buying the floor tiles themselves, it will not be superfluous to take care of purchasing the tools necessary for cutting. After all, as you know, in almost no room it is impossible to arrange a tile so that you do not have to cut it. The company «Zapsibstroydormashservice» offers a terex excavator at a good price.

Floor tiles are known to have a high hardness, and therefore the cutting technology is fraught with some difficulties. Most often, either waterjet or mechanical method is used for this. The latter is more common for cutting home tiles. A tile cutter is most often used here, outwardly similar to a glass cutter. It has several times larger cutting wheel, which allows cutting deeper material.

Once the tile is cut, it must be broken using a metal tooth located on the tile cutter. If you need to cut several tiles with the same dimensions, a special stopper ruler, also provided on the tile cutter, will help you with this. It allows you to repeatedly cut tiles according to established measurements without much difficulty..

Another effective way of cutting is using a stone cutting machine. When purchasing this tool, it is important to remember that the quality of cutting the floor tiles depends on the speed of rotation of the cutter. Before starting work, a cutting line must be drawn on the tile, starting from the far end. To make the cut as smooth as possible, press down on the tool evenly. The result should be a noticeable groove..

Of course, the above tile cutting methods are only good for straight cuts. If you need to make a curly cut, then waterjet cutting is indispensable. The process looks like this:

Through the hole (0.1 mm) of the cutter, water with an admixture of abrasive substances is supplied under high pressure. The tiles are cut under the directional influence of the jet. At the same time, the integrity of the coating structure is not damaged..

The waterjet method allows you to achieve the most even notch with an error of 0.1 mm.