How to ozonize water

Currently, ozonation of water is becoming necessary, since Mother Nature cannot cope with the natural purification and filtration of water. Polluted ecology, harmful chemical and industrial emissions — all this damages nature and humans. A person must protect himself from harmful influences. And first of all — to secure the water.

Ozonation is the treatment of water with active oxygen (ozone). In order to better understand the effect of this procedure, one should remember how fresh and clean the air fills after a thunderstorm, thunder and flashing lightning strikes. Ozonation is one of the most effective methods of water purification, in which most natural and artificial pollutants are disinfected. An environmentally friendly procedure, it can be used to clean surface water, groundwater, sewage canals, treating swimming pools, and purifying bottled water..

For ozonizing water at home or in small quantities, you can use a household ozonizer as in / chistyiy-vozduh / ozonatoryi. Since ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, it is capable of killing and disinfecting all microbes and their spores known in science (fungi, viruses, bacteria). Even short-term use is sufficient for complete water purification, without changing the taste or chemical composition of the water. Ozonation does not emit toxic substances, since ozone can quickly turn into oxygen.

In an industrial environment, special equipment is required for ozonizing water. For example, before bottling, water first accumulates in a container with a circulation loop. Then ozone is supplied under high pressure. Purified water passes through a pipeline equipped with shut-off and signal valves, and then bottled.

There are two types of household ozonizers. The simplest ozonizers do not require additional batteries and are installed directly on the water tap. A jet of water rotates the generator, as a result of which ozone is formed from oxygen.

Universal ozonizers are a little more difficult to use. These are electrical appliances that have several attachments, and in addition to water purification, they are also used for other household purposes..