how to pierce your nose at home

Today, facial piercing is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people. It cannot be said that this is a new current, different parts of the body were pierced for many thousands of years before our era. This is evidenced by rock carvings and there are references in the ancient manuscripts of India, Ancient Egypt and other countries. For example, in India, a pierced woman’s nose symbolizes her marriage, and in Egypt, piercing the navel indicated that a person belongs to a noble family..

After ear piercing, nose piercing is one of the oldest and most popular types of piercing. In African tribes, even in our time, they pierce the noses with metal darts, sharp sticks and even the bones of killed animals. For some time in European countries, piercings on different parts of the body were treated ambiguously. Someone condemned, someone liked it. Not so long ago, in the days of the Soviet Union, punctures on the body, except for the ears, were considered something vicious, defiant and shameless, and were sharply condemned by the public. Only at the end of the last century, with the advent of hippies, did piercing become fashionable. And today it is more popular than ever, and no one is embarrassed by carnations in the nose, lip and even tongue..

The popularity of nose piercings is due to the fact that it is a rather catchy face detail. On a beautiful face, today, no one is embarrassed by a ring or a carnation in the nose. Moreover, the imagination of youth is not limited only to the wings of the nose..

Can I pierce my nose at home on my own? How and where is it better to do it?

The most popular place on the bow is its septum. Decorate it with various rings, with or without balls. If you have made the decision to commemorate your nose with a piercing, then you need to be prepared for the fact that this is a rather painful procedure. There are many sensitive receptors on the nose, especially on the septum. But for the sake of fashion, one moment can be tolerated. It is easier to tolerate a puncture of the left or right nostril, which is subsequently decorated with such a small barbell, at the front end, decorated with a beautiful accessory or pebble. For people with diseases of the nasal mucosa or narrowing of the nasal passages, it is better to refuse piercing.

Piercing the nose, in any of its areas, although minimal, but a surgical procedure. If you decide to do it yourself, then you need to be careful and sterile. But, as for me, it is better to entrust this manipulation to specialists. Do not bother, they all know how and what, they will do everything very quickly and professionally. Many salons will offer a sterile earring, for starters, as well as provide recommendations for the care of a pierced nose..