How to plump lips

Attractive, beautiful plump lips are a symbol of sexuality and youth, and the result of proper lip care. The shapes and sizes are laid down by nature, and each one is individual. Are you considering changing your lips with an operation? Don’t rush, there are other ways.

Method one. Simple

It does not require material costs, but it is necessary to regularly perform some procedures, which are based on protection, nutrition and moisturizing of the lips and skin around them..

To increase blood flow and nourish the skin with nutrients, massage your lips with a toothbrush. To make your lips soft and velvety, apply a honey mask — smear your lips with honey at night. For moisturizing — a mask of sour cream and a few drops of vegetable oil and lemon juice. The most important rule is to protect your lips all year round. Avoid chapping in winter and dehydration in summer with chapstick. Never bite your lips — this leads to cracking and dehydration, namely moisture creates the necessary volume for your lips.

Method two. Cosmetic

The first thing that comes to mind is a cosmetic pencil to match the lipstick, with the help of which the desired shape is given, applying the rule of rationality. With a pencil, foundation, light lipstick and gloss, you can achieve an amazing effect using the rules for applying makeup. It is better if it is done by a professional make-up artist..

Method three. Operational

If none of the above methods suits, but you still want to make the volume, then surgery is necessary. One of the methods of augmentation is the introduction of a gel based on hyaluronic acid. The result is obtained due to the attraction of a large amount of water by the acid molecule, and the lips look plump.

The disadvantage of this method is that after a while the acid will dissolve, and the water will go away, and the operation must be repeated.

Another method is lipofilling, based on the introduction of its own fat cells. The positive side — once and for life, negative — not all cells take root the first time and bumps form on the lips. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to perform the procedure several times and follow the recommendations and advice on appearance from cosmetologists.

Both methods must be performed by a qualified technician and have contraindications.

Method four. Radical

There is the most radical method for those who are very brave who want to have voluminous lips — this is surgical plastic. But first you need to think carefully, because the result can be anything. After the introduction of implants, scars remain, and the lips will become unnaturally plump and over time, correction is needed due to age-related changes in the face..