How to properly prepare for pregnancy

Preparation for the most important and responsible period of a woman’s life, pregnancy, should be carried out several months before conceiving a child. The correct preparatory measures will help you get pregnant quickly, and will also contribute to the easy bearing of a long-awaited baby. By planning a pregnancy, you can avoid possible complications in the upcoming birth. Preparation requires a serious approach on the part of both parents. First of all, the expectant mother needs to start taking vitamin complexes that include folic acid. She participates in the formation of the neural tube of the unborn child, which begins in the first weeks after conception. It is important to check for the presence of pathogenic microflora in the genital tract. Often, microorganisms such as ureaplasma can lead to spontaneous miscarriage, premature birth. With an increased concentration of ureaplasma, infertility may develop for a long time. Early detection of pathogenic microflora will allow you to start even before pregnancy and protect the unborn baby from the effects of drugs. In no case should you drink any antibiotics on your own, for example, Vilprafen during pregnancy can only be prescribed by the attending gynecologist and only after a full examination of the woman. The expectant mother needs to be periodically observed by a gynecologist. It is very important to monitor the health of your teeth, as tooth decay can be a source of infection and contribute to further decay. Particular attention is paid to the elimination of bad habits. Substances obtained with alcohol and tobacco remain in the female body for a long time. Drinking alcohol for pregnant women is an understandable contraindication, since it can cause oxygen deprivation in the fetus. Even a minimal dose of alcohol can cause malformations, which are manifested by various mental and physical abnormalities. Of course, it is important to give up alcohol and smoking long before pregnancy. For the future father, alcohol is also dangerous, since its components affect the motor activity of male germ cells..