How to surprise your husband in bed

Very often, after a long life together, relations within the family change dramatically. Love can no longer cause those feelings and experiences. And life, most likely, turns into a daily routine. You begin to live like a cat and a dog, not a moment of calm. The first step in this situation should be shown by a woman, because it is she who is considered the keeper of family peace and comfort. It’s worth starting with intimate problems. So how and how you can surprise your husband in bed?

To begin with, become a mystery to him again. After you have lived together for several years, your husband may know ahead of time your every move, every groan. So what’s the interest if you know everything in advance? Is it interesting to watch one movie all the time? If the film is interesting, then, of course, it is possible to revise it, but will it happen with the same pleasure? In this situation, try to devote some of your time to reading books with illustrations of bed scenes, or sweet phrases, erotic poses. Spice up your daily life with an Arabian night. Imagine the reaction of your beloved when, going to bed, he sees you not in your usual shirt, but in a beautiful oriental costume. You can also give him a belly dance or striptease. It will not easily revive your relationship, but it will open the eyes of your husband and make you look at you from a completely different side. You can also buy cool pajamas for lovers in the same style.

Pay attention to the food you eat, and most importantly, how you do it. Try to present your husband with breakfast in bed in the morning, or it will be even better if you feed him a treat straight from your body. After that, memories of everyday routine will not visit the head and thoughts of a man for a long period of time..

Most often, cleaning or cooking causes serious disagreements among married couples. So why not turn it all into a game and do it together? Try cleaning in a new, sexy swimsuit and heels. Such cleaning will not leave anyone indifferent. Most likely, you will not be able to clean up to the end, but this is not so important, the main thing is that it will lead to a serious revival of your feelings..

All this will help to surprise your man with difficulty, but to open in his eyes you as a completely new person who is able not only to pay attention to a quiet family hearth, but also to be sexy in bed, a person who is open to everything new. And all this will definitely have a positive effect on your relationships in and out of bed. And it will make you feel after so many years of marriage what newlyweds feel in the first days after marriage..