How to take pills correctly

Often, when we hear from the doctor: “These pills should be taken two times a day, one at a time,” we are not sure that this recommendation does not require additional instructions. After all, the doctor counts on the correct use of the drug, only then will it act as needed for a specific disease.

There are a number of rules to consider when taking medications..

1. When it comes to triple or double use of drugs, it should be borne in mind that we mean a day, and not 15-18 hours, as many people are used to thinking. Germs have no sleep break. And this means that with a double dose, you must strictly take medications with an interval of 12 hours..

2. When taking medications for a long time, in order not to forget about taking, the reminder method should be used. It can be an alarm clock, a calendar or a mini-first aid kit, which sounds like a reminder, at a certain time, of the necessary drug intake..

3. You should strictly adhere to the instructions in the part that describes the method of taking medications for food intake. If it says «before meals» it means that the drug should be taken on an empty stomach. «After eating» — such drugs are strictly prohibited to be consumed without a preliminary meal.

4. There are a number of drugs that should not be taken together. Means in one go. In such cases, either the drug is replaced with a different type, or different times of admission are prescribed.

5. If there is no dividing strip on the tablets, and the prescription contains a fractional number, then it is better to seek a recommendation from the attending physician, he will clarify the dosage for a specific drug. But in any case, do not engage in self-selection of the dosage. This can lead to unexpected and not always favorable consequences..

6. Medicines will be fed with plain water. Only some drugs should be taken with another liquid. This is immediately indicated in the recommendations for a specific drug..

7. When prescribing chewable tablets or tablets in the form of pills, you should follow the instructions for use, because the effect of the drug directly depends on improper use. Chewable preparations must be chewed, and the pills must be swallowed without chewing. Capsule preparations also cannot be opened and chewed, unless there are additional recommendations (for example: half a capsule at a time).

8. Each specialist has his own opinion and methods of treatment. Sometimes the selection of drugs and their dosage can be very different for specialists of the same level. This is most likely due to the work experience and the method of treatment of a particular patient. Therefore, never take medications according to a regimen that a doctor has prescribed to someone else..