«Iceberg» will become DOMO

All stores of the Iceberg household appliances chain will change their names. Both Rodina, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party voted for the bill.

The growth in coal imports is associated with a sharp increase in demand: most of the electricity in the country is produced precisely by burning coal, while production does not keep pace with consumption. In 2017 alone, 38 thousand labor migrants with various infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, were identified in Russia..

Germany has already passed a law on women’s quotas in the management of companies. All markets are in their hands, «Zhirinovsky believes.

Before the elections, the increase in tariffs was postponed for half an hour … I would not formulate it in such revolutionary, perky-Komsomol categories, because everything is much more complicated.

The bill «On protecting public health from the consequences of tobacco consumption» can be adopted in all three readings during this year. So far, the export volumes do not lead to problems in the domestic market, since the balance of supply and demand is generally observed, «the expert concludes. Presidential elections in France and parliamentary elections in Greece also do not help to stabilize the situation and serve as another reason for the ECB to continue to adhere to a wait and see attitude. Yes, I received a similar proposal, and I will join the United Russia faction, ”Brusnigin told the Business News journalist. This decision was not easy for us, but only in this way can we save jobs for the rest of the employees..

The new president of Tele2 Russia will be Jerry Calmis, the former head of the 36.6 pharmacy chain, Kommersant reports. Therefore, the increased duty rate on gasoline, initially introduced as a temporary measure, will remain, ”Grigory Birg, Co-Director of the Analytical Department of the Investcafe, expresses his opinion in this regard..

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Clients, more than 1100 branches and branches, and, thanks to 4.5 million. This means that in just one day their owners became richer by about $ 173 billion. This freed up capital for issuing new loans. Basel’s structures will receive 1 billion.

The agreement establishes the general principles of interaction in the field of combating corruption. If the deputies developed a mechanism for the indexation of wages, which is guaranteed by law, but in fact is not implemented, there would be much fewer reasons for strikes..

They will come on their own, the father of the Singapore economic miracle, Singapore’s senior government minister for life, Go Chok Tong, confirmed Wednesday. Valery Yazev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, told reporters about this today..