Joining the SRO of designers and energy auditors

Since the beginning of 2010, there has been a legislative change in the outdated work licensing scheme for a new system — this is the unification of professionals in self-regulatory organizations. This form of partnership is borrowed from the leading Western countries, where they have successfully existed for many years..

For different types of activities, there are organizations: for the production of design work, one must join the SRO of designers, and for conducting energy audits of enterprises in the SRO of energy auditors.


A self-regulatory organization (SRO) is a voluntary association of legal organizations and individual entrepreneurs on a non-profit basis, with the goal of monitoring and analyzing the work activities of members who have joined its ranks through self-financing. All categories of business must join the SRO in order to be able to offer their services on a commercial basis..


With the start of the SRO non-profit partnership program, not only the approach to issuing a permit has changed, but also the exactingness towards future participants. All regulatory requirements for the provision of the necessary documentation are based on Decree No. 48 of 02/03/2010 of the Government of the Russian Federation, but the main positions are established by the relevant ministries, which add a number of additional requirements that determine the specifics of the activity. The activity on issuing permits by regional committees is monitored.

Terms of entry

To join the SRO, you must submit a package of documents consisting of 15 positions and fill out a participant’s questionnaire.

In addition, you need to make:

— monetary contribution to the SRO Compensation Fund;

— a certain amount of a one-time entrance fee;

— make a payment under a liability insurance contract;

Regional partner organizations of SROs set their own level of amounts for each type of payment and for certain types of activities it may differ slightly. Upon fulfillment of all the necessary requirements, the applicant is issued a certificate of admission to a certain type of work.

Benefits of SRO members

The SRO of designers gives the necessary SRO approvals for the performance of design work and allows:

— to carry out the declared type of activity;

— consider your design documentation to be legal;

— officially participate in government orders and tenders.

Joining the SRO of energy auditors will give you the opportunity to:

— to self-fulfillment of an energy audit;

— to the compilation of the energy passport of the object.