LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co: refrigeration maintenance in Los Angeles

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, food freezing systems are used in offices, residential premises, public catering outlets and in many other areas. All aspects of life can depend on the operation of this equipment. To get timely assistance in case of problems, you can order repair services on

Main types of services

LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co operates in Los Angeles and the surrounding area and provides the following services:

  1. Installation and repair of all types of refrigeration systems, from home appliances to industrial complexes.
  2. Installation and repair of air conditioning systems of any size. Refueling of household, office and industrial devices.
  3. Furnace installation, maintenance and repair.
  4. Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems.
  5. Repair of household equipment such as ovens, hobs, dryers, microwave ovens.

Services are provided for individuals, companies involved in storing and processing food products, and flower shops. Work can be carried out in a variety of offices, entertainment and other establishments. Among the customers we can highlight mobile eateries and retail outlets.

The company’s website lists all areas of Los Angeles and surrounding communities where company representatives can go to carry out installation or repair work.


The most important feature of the company is a wide range of serviced equipment. Any type of device manufactured by the world’s leading companies can be installed and repaired. Our technicians are well versed in all brands and models, quickly identify the causes of breakdowns, and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

An on-call visit can be carried out immediately after the application is accepted, or the most convenient time frame for him can be agreed upon with the client. Variability in order execution allows consumers to receive service quickly, efficiently and with maximum benefit.

The company can replace an old heating, air conditioning or ventilation system, creating a complex taking into account the most modern advances in this area.

A guarantee is given for the work performed and the parts and components used. The company has been operating in the market for more than 35 years and has proven itself to be the best, which is confirmed by reviews from grateful customers.