Mechanism for applying paste

The installation for applying paste on wallpaper, implemented in the department of mechanization of finishing works of Glavmosstroy, consists of a table-stand, a folding table, a loading frame, a roller and a bath. A roll of prepared wallpaper is placed inside a stand on an axis from which the wallpaper is pulled through the machine. One of the most important operations in glass work is cutting and cutting glass. Glass is cut with diamonds and glass cutters on special tables of various types, which differ from each other in dimensions, coating, fixtures, etc. engines and glass cutter.

Heat generators can operate on solid, liquid or gaseous fuels. They can be installed separately or in combination with other equipment, read more here.

Centralized glass cutting has been introduced in the UPTK of most construction organizations; glasses prepared according to cutting cards are installed in racks, and then delivered to objects in containers or boxes. Showcase glass is cut and cut, as a rule, directly on the object.

When installing glass and glass structures, various means of mechanization are used — vacuum suction cups, pistols for driving studs, industrialists, means of vertical transport, machines for making putties and mastics.

When glazing stained-glass windows of multi-storey buildings, it is advisable to use string lifts (cradles) for finishing work (LS-80-250, LE-30-250, etc.), and for buildings up to 10 m high — aerial platforms of the MShTS-2A type with articulated-cranked arrow and two mounting baskets.

Profile glass is mounted in wooden or metal frames (frames). Various mastics are used to seal the joints between glass, as well as between glass and binding..

In a number of construction organizations of Glavvolgovyatskstroy, for these purposes, butafol mastic is used, which is a scraps of a prop film obtained in the production of automobile glass dissolved in alcohol. This mastic is durable, water-, heat- and frost-resistant, has high adhesion to glass, wood, metal, provides good sealing of glass structures.