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Nightlife in Paphos: how to have fun at night and move comfortably

Holiday lovers in Cyprus can visit the city of Paphos, located on the southwestern coast. It will appeal to lovers of outdoor activities, there are attractions that you can see during the daytime, and devote the night to visiting clubs, bars or restaurants.

Car hire in Cyprus is not a problem, by contacting 7777Rent, you will receive any car that matches your wealth and status. By vehicle, you can visit a number of attractions:

  • for vacationers in September, Limassol is suitable. In addition to the medieval castle located in the city, you can admire the marina and visit the wine festival;
  • rock of Aphrodite. There is a beautiful legend about this attraction. It is said that it was here that the goddess Aphrodite appeared from the sea foam;
  • visit the Troodos mountain range and admire the beauties of nature, see the villages and the monastery of Kykkos;
  • wishing to see Coral Bay, welcome to Peyia. This is a small but beautiful village that overlooks this bay.

Paphos and its surroundings are distinguished by their original beauty, which once you see it, you will want to come here again.

Nightlife in Paphos: how to have fun at night

This beautiful city harmoniously combines the remains of antiquity, modern architecture, diverse and rich nightlife. In Greece, it starts at 23.00 and continues until the morning. Fans of fun pastime can visit such places:

  • bars where relaxation is accompanied by live music, DJ performances and a wide range of local and classic strong drinks. Institutions are located not only in the city center, but also in the harbor;
  • in the same place, in the city center and in the harbor area, you can find several nightclubs. These are quite popular places where you can hear a variety of musical genres: techno, hip-hop, house, etc.;
  • on the territory of the city you can find quite a lot of restaurants offering tourists both national and European dishes. Leisure is accompanied by live music and interesting entertainment programs.

Greeks just love the festivals that take place throughout the year. Resting in Paphos in September, you can visit two festivals, accompanied by live music and cultural entertainment. These are festivals of wine and Aphrodite.