Oteko company: its location, goals and mission

Oteko is known as a large-scale private investor investing in the port-industrial base located in the South of the Russian Federation. One of the largest clusters, called a greenfield project, is located in the port of Taman, thanks to which export supplies have increased significantly.

There are two Oteko terminals located there:

  • bulk;
  • reloading oil and petroleum products.

With their help, cargo transshipment has become much safer and more reliable. It is environmentally friendly due to the use of advanced technologies.

One of the most important tasks of Oteko is the conservation of nature and its resources in Taman. This is the first, most important task, after which comes the development of industry. The company takes many different safety measures to reduce its negative impact on the environment. Takes measures to protect it.

The enterprise has defined a mission related to the development of the trade potential of the Russian Federation. It provides cargo transshipment services with a fairly extensive list of goods.

In order to establish logistics, trying to achieve maximum efficiency in this matter, the company is developing the construction of terminals in the port of the Taman Peninsula.

About the marine terminals that are part of the Oteko cluster

This company owns two marine terminals in Taman:

  • oil transshipment for oil, its products and liquid gases. It began functioning in 2012. Its design capacity reaches 20 million tons per year;
  • in 2019, the second bulk cargo terminal was launched. Its design capacity significantly exceeded the previous terminal and amounted to 70 million tons per year.

The Oteko service base has at its disposal:

  • railway track – from 200 kilometers or more;
  • power lines – from 120 kilometers or more;
  • electrical substations;
  • sea access routes.

The company’s terminals are spacious and can accommodate high-capacity vessels that can easily pass through the Bosphorus Strait.

Oteko does not attract budget funds for design, construction and operational work. They are carried out through their own financing and obtaining commercial loans.

The company’s management system is carried out at the level of the international standard ISO 9001, with which it is in full compliance.

Currently, the Oteko company employs more than 10 thousand people, the majority of whom are residents of Kuban.