Plan your office as if it were your own city

The most innovative companies around the world are inventing their own office designs inspired by urban organization. Just like a modern city, a good office is a business center full of people and activity. Inside such an office, bright people spend most of the day who have their own needs, desires and personal interests..

In the modern office world, renting large open spaces such as Open Space is common. Some companies complain that open floor plans are too hectic and noisy, and sometimes even overly open, that is, without a touch of privacy. For such people, glass partitions were invented long ago in Moscow, which help to divide the space..

The design of a modern office should be based on the team that works in it. These people cooperate in one way or another in the process of work, and in the same way they must interact with the management in matters of room design. The division of space and the allocation of tables and separate areas should be by mutual agreement. If there are dissatisfied, then a search for the golden mean is required. A person should not work in a workplace that annoys him.

Make a list of things that are important for your office team, as well as for each employee personally. If the staff works with presentations, then a special area for these actions and the appropriate equipment is needed. If a particular employee has a need for a private secluded space, then install him the highest and most closed partition from the general view. Sometimes you have to think globally and not make a formulaic job for everyone. Just like in a well-planned city, each employee should have a space that suits him, as well as a common area of ​​entertainment and relaxation for everyone..

Think about the services the city provides to its residents. Do your employees drink coffee? Buy them a coffee maker. Staying at work often? Collaborate with a lunch supply company, install a refrigerator and stock up on a snack rack.

If you are a leader, imagine that your office is your city and provide the residents of this city with the appropriate conditions..