Political stupidity

Today, from 0-00, it seems like it’s impossible to campaign either for a woman with a scythe, or for a guy with canceled convictions. Therefore, let’s talk about political stupidity.

I don’t watch political shows. A psychologist friend threw a link to a video where Yanukovych was asked a question, then he replied, some kind of debate was going on there. In general, everything that I do not usually watch. Why look when you know the situation and the choice has long been known? So I don’t look.

However, the remark «don’t you notice anything?» made me look at this piece of the political series several times.

In general, the essence is this. Janek is standing in the studio. Some people and presenters. Familiar faces are toka Janek and Kiselev. Some 38-year-old woman asks a question. Provocative, which is immediately clear. Janek starts to answer, but the camera is transferred to her. The face is turned to the side and down, on the lips a mocking smile.

A small digression … Usually questions are asked in order to obtain information. Often in the form of phrases, less often in the form of a reaction. A special art is to receive not an answer, but the enemy’s weakness. Simply put, to dishonor or show the opponent’s ignorance, incompetence, provoke. In general, we understood =) Yulia flutters like a prostitute-money-changer from an international tourist, and Yanek, like 300 UAH / hour + a gift 🙂 Well, this is clear for a long time and chatter is important only for election times and maintaining the rating. It does not particularly affect work. They love Putin for idle talk, for horism. Although it’s no more confusing than Yeltsin. Hugo Chavez is similar. When there are a lot of resources, I would also just chatter =)

And if there are problems with work, then recruitment agencies in Rostov will always help you find interesting employment options.

Let’s get back to the main point of the post. The woman asks a question, then depicts neglect, leaving the face sideways-down. It is clear that it was a provocation. Janek answers something. Not the point is important.

Why is the post called political stupidity? Since the provocation was inherently carried out well, but the ending blurred all the works.

Ideal: ask a tricky question, and then wait for an embarrassing answer with a foolish, trusting face. True craftsmanship. But now the performers are stupid, they recruit everyone in a row, remember at least a stoned and drunk cattle on the Maidan, fucking in «namets» after 0.7:) First, in orange tunics, then in blue. This is filthy entrances and so on..

Such perpetrators of provocations also come to the programs. And here it was done with high quality, however, either the bought woman had views, which is strange for the bought women in general, or the provocation was not fully thought out. In general, the weakness spoiled Janek’s confusion. A minute of a stupid eating face and another attack by a woman with a scythe would be a success. But something went wrong.

Young country, there is no escape =)