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Recipe for dandruff and hair loss.

I’ve already given a couple of tips on how to combat dandruff and hair loss. But a fairly large number of women have more serious problems, most often due to different skin reactions. Therefore, today I will write a couple more tips, or rather recipes, so that your fight against dandruff is crowned with success.

Here’s a pretty simple yet very effective recipe:

You need to wash your head every day with a special broth prepared using the following technology. To prepare this recipe, we need the following types of plants: plantain leaves, sage stems, centaury and wormwood. Plants are best dried and chopped finely so that they can be mixed and measured with spoons. Next, take a 200-gram glass and put one large spoonful of the resulting mixture of herbs in it. In the same glass, you must put one large spoonful of honey. Fill the glass completely with boiling water and simmer over a very low heat. After that, strain all the liquid into exactly the same glass, and fill the remaining space with water. The broth is ready, you can apply.

If you have dandruff and at the same time your hair is very dry and brittle, try the following recipe. For this recipe, we need the following ingredients: fresh honey, ripe onions, vegetable oil, preferably not refined. Ripe onions must be turned into porridge. This can be done with a blender or food processor, but best of all with your hands using a fine grater. Since in the first two cases, the pieces will turn out to be too large. Add a little honey to this mixture. The proportion should be approximately four to one. Pour all this with sunflower oil and let it brew for 30 minutes..

Can be used after preparation. With light and gentle massage movements, you need to rub the mixture over the scalp so that the necessary microelements will successfully saturate your head. Most importantly, after rubbing in, do not forget to put on a rubber cap for exactly one hour. After the hour has passed, wash your hair with warm water..

I hope these recipes will help to overcome such an unpleasant ailment as dandruff.!