Republican budget — rescue of defrauded real estate investors

At a meeting of members of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the discussion was about the situation of defrauded housing shareholders. To ensure their rights, completing the construction of multi-storey buildings, it was decided to provide finance from the budget of the republic..

The total number of depositors defrauded by fraudsters throughout the republic has reached 2,654 people. Unfinished projects inherited from would-be developers are gradually being transformed. During the current year, 5 apartment buildings were completed and commissioned (Salavat-2, Ufa-2, Ishimbay-1). The area of ​​newly-made residential premises is 29 thousand square meters. meters. In total, 415 share participation agreements have been closed. By the end of the year, it is planned to complete the construction of another 9 houses. Five orders of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan have already been approved on the issuance of a certain amount of funds for the completion of 38 objects of unfinished construction. Thus, the amount of NZS debt decreased by 5 billion rubles..

On behalf of the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov, a proposal was made to cope with the problem not only through finance. Among the replacement options, he named the use of land resources, participation in infrastructure. He also recalled the republican budget deficit of 11 billion rubles, of which 80% falls on social spending. This creates an extremely difficult financial situation. In addition, the amount of social spending is growing inexorably every year. For clarity, we will give specific numbers: ten years ago, social spending amounted to 30-40% of the budget, in 2010 — 75%, and in the current one — about 80%. On average, the annual difference is around 5-6%. If measures are not taken today, 100% of the republican capital will be required for social spending in the coming year.

The question of defrauded equity holders forced the city council deputies to make adjustments to the distribution of the Ufa budget. According to the head of the territorial financial department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the territory of Ufa, Ilgiz Nasyrtdinov, additional funding will be provided for the housing construction fund of the Republic of Belarus, which is responsible for completing the construction of houses of defrauded investors. A decision was made to increase the amount of the guaranteed amount provided by 355 million rubles, which increases the city debt limit by 180 million rubles and reduces the amount of the guarantee provided by MUP «Real Estate Center» by 175 million rubles.

Rustem Khamitov also suggested not to forgive the scammers for their meanness and to involve law enforcement agencies in solving the problem.