Road barrier fence, road works fencing

Metal barriers used on roads are structures whose purpose is to prevent collisions of cars with oncoming traffic, as well as to create protection against an unintentional exit of motor vehicles from the road bed to the pedestrian part. As a rule, such road barriers are installed in cities and must be installed on bridges. Also, barrier fences are used on roads that are access roads to large industrial enterprises, in order to avoid accidents on these roads, which can lead to temporary blocking of the road..

A road barrier fence is a set of measures aimed at minimizing the severity of consequences in road traffic accidents that may arise as a result of collision with any obstacles (supports of overpasses, overpasses, lighting masts, etc.), which are located on the sides of the roadbed, embankment slopes, road right of way and excavations, as well as when crossing the dividing strip, or when motor vehicles leave the side of the road. At the same time, road barriers are passive safety devices for both road users and pedestrians who move along the pedestrian part next to the road.

Passive safety devices begin to operate in a situation where the driver loses the ability to control the car control, due to the failure of the elements of the car control system or weather conditions, due to which the road has become slippery. In addition, the roadwork fence ensures the safety of people working directly on the roadway..

Passive road safety is ensured as follows:

— installation of specialized groups of road barriers on various sections of the road, which are hazardous and on which the vehicle may inadvertently leave the roadbed. This is done by installing a special fence, which is capable of elastically deforming and contributing to a change in the vehicle’s trajectory, while reducing shock overload;

— the use of shock-proof structures in the supports of road signs, traffic light columns and lighting masts, which can be easily destroyed when a car hits them and at the same time, which do not cause significant damage to the car.