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Photographing a London wedding by Alexey Wells: vivid memories in photographs

A wedding abroad is on a completely different scale. When a celebration reaches this level, you need everything to go perfectly.What kind of person will make good memories stay with you forever? Of course, a photographer. The result of a modern wedding is not only a stamp in the passport, but also a whole pile of photographs, or even a wedding album. But how to find a good photographer in another country? The usual recommendations will not work, but this advice will help: contact Alexei Wells Photography.

About the photographer

Alexey Wells specializes in weddings and similar events — engagements, bachelor parties, elopements and more. Such a narrow specialization has given an excellent result: the photographer is in great demand. During busy times, his schedule is simply packed. The reason is Wells’ professionalism and extensive filming experience. His photographs capture the most vivid, touching, emotional moments and do not leave anyone indifferent.

The equipment is also professional — cameras, lights, tripods. Everything important is duplicated in case of breakdowns, so that filming does not need to be stopped. The equipment is reliably protected from the vicissitudes of the weather, which is extremely important in rainy London. In general, there will be no interruptions.

We can talk for a long time, but it’s better to look more about the photographer at https://alexeiwellsphotography.com/ and see everything for yourself. You can also evaluate your portfolio there. Look at it carefully: these are not just sample photos, they are ideas for your own wedding.

What Wells offers

  1. Filming in London, as well as throughout Britain and abroad.
  2. 50–70 photos per hour, each professionally processed.
  3. Personal online gallery, the link to which can be freely shared.
  4. An additional photographer and assistants for a truly big wedding.
  5. Beautifully designed album with the best photos.
  6. Polite, correct behavior and the ability to improvise for the sake of excellent shots.

How to order a shoot

Alexey Wells invites those interested to a preliminary consultation. Just write to him using the contacts left on the site. The photographer will contact you to discuss all the details.

Alexey Wells will help you decide on a package of options and will try to find contact with you.

If you are satisfied with the conditions, you need to sign a contract and leave a deposit. This money is the booking of a photographer for the selected dates, a guarantee that he will be free. For him, the deposit is also a guarantee that you will not cancel the wedding and that the effort and money spent on preparation will not be wasted.

All you have to do is wait for the desired date, and the footage has already been filmed.