Shavkat Mirziyoyev is a supporter of the consistent development of the country in all areas

The development of a country is determined by the activities of its leader, what direction is set for all spheres of life. Many decrees and resolutions make it possible to identify trends and determine the determination of government agencies in carrying out reforms. You can study the documents that the Uzbek president signs to understand the features of his management.

Main activities

Among the most important decrees and resolutions signed by President Mirziyoyev are:

  1. Documents concerning the social and public status of women, strengthening their role in all areas of life.
    Prohibition of forced labor of minors.
  2. Improvement of law enforcement agencies, including the dismissal of all prosecutors. The decisions also affected other law enforcement agencies.
  3. In the field of environmental legislation and rational use of resources, solutions aimed at improving the environmental situation.
  4. In foreign policy, treaties with neighboring countries are highlighted that improve good neighborly relations, confirm the fact of border demarcation and resolution of conflicts on this basis.
  5. In the economic sphere, decrees and regulations aimed at liberalizing relations, for example, allowing cotton and fruit and vegetable producers to sell goods directly to consumers.
  6. Decrees on the privatization of enterprises of strategic importance, leaving the “golden” shares in the hands of the state, and non-strategic production to private investors through the stock market.

Features of the solutions

Since 2004, Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been involved in the development of decisions in the country’s foreign and domestic policy, signing many documents. From 2004 to 2016, he did this as head of government, and from 2016 — as president of the country.

The manager is aware of the importance of such documents and his responsibility for their implementation, therefore he strives for high-quality elaboration of all points and monitors their implementation in practice.

Many decrees and resolutions, after appropriate preparation and discussion, become laws. By the volume of documents, coverage of various spheres of life of the state and society, one can judge the difficulty and importance of the activities of the head of state, his competence. Shavkat Mirziyoyev has established himself as a consistent supporter of the country’s development in all areas, attentive to the needs of the people.