Sinking Spain

Interesting things are happening in the European Union while the world is struggling with invented problems and trying to overcome artificial barriers. For example, in Spain an interesting feast is planned during the plague. According to statistics, almost 5 million Spaniards are unemployed. As a rule, in such cases, a massive departure of domestic migrant workers is inevitable. And there, after all, in the amount of up to 100,000 workers from the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This is according to official figures. Many will come home, where rest and foreign literature await them as a wonderful reading for the night.

The majority of the workers are middle-aged women who worked in Spanish families. After serious financial blows in Spain, not everyone can afford hired workers. Now, the laws on the employment of foreigners are being tightened and companies that previously hired without paying too much attention to persons will be subject to serious fines, up to and including closure..

Well it was a little introduction. Sinking Spain is interesting for its position for two reasons — falling property prices and the impact on the euro. Since for a Forex trader these two things are interconnected, because investing money in imported and domestic apartments helps to hedge well, and the situation with the euro is important in work, you should carefully monitor these matters..

However, the topic of declining demand for housing in Spain can be supported by the influx of people from other regions. Dubai has already thrown many of its investors into housing. I will write about this a little later, and also talk about the laws that weakly protect investors in the UAE. So a large group of people after failures in the Emirates will look for an alternative. And it’s no secret that real estate in the Mediterranean will be just such a sweet treat. Moreover, during the crisis. Despite the exhortations of realtors about the growth of the real estate market in Spain, friends on the ground say that the situation is different and prices are declining. Therefore, this trend can attract people who want to buy interesting real estate..

Spain is sinking. But their problems do not compare with Eastern Europe, Greece and Romania. And the country itself is one of the whales of the European Union, which other neighbors will try not to let die. However, the crisis in Spain should not be disregarded. How not to take advantage of this situation to go there on a tour and see an interesting offer for apartments and villas. On the Internet, they give the most expensive options in order to cut down the commission on the sale, but on the spot everything will be much more interesting.

Euro and real estate — attention is riveted to them. Do not forget about it.