The benefits of a chocolate wrap

Nowadays, beauty salons offer many treatments using chocolate. These are masks and scrubs and, of course, chocolate wraps. They are anti-stress, anti-cellulite, nourishing and moisturizing. Chocolate contains very useful vitamins and minerals. They promote vigor and mood improvement, strengthen blood vessels and treat certain diseases. The most effective and popular are chocolate wraps. The very first effect can be felt within 5 minutes after applying chocolate to the body — it is a mood boost. These wraps can relieve tension and calm the nerves. The second effect is moisturized and velvety skin. After several procedures, the skin becomes even, over time, age spots disappear, the body becomes toned and slender. Chocolate wraps can be done at home. This does not require a lot of effort and huge costs. The product can be purchased at any store. Such procedures are contraindicated only for those who are allergic to cocoa. For greater effect, it is advisable to use a scrub before applying. There are two types of such procedures — cold and hot. Some areas should be wrapped hot, and the whole body should be wrapped cold. You can also alternate, this will be called a contrast wrap. With the cold method, the action more affects the tone of the skin and improving well-being, and with the hot method, the process of splitting fats occurs. If you cleanse your skin with a scrub and then massage before using the chocolate wrap, the effect will exceed all your expectations. What to do after applying chocolate to the body? You should wrap yourself in cling film, then put on warm clothes and hold out for 30-60 minutes. It is better to wash off the chocolate with warm water. After that, no creams are required, the skin will remain elastic and moisturized for a long time. Unfortunately, you should not perform such sessions during your period, pregnancy or any bleeding. Chocolate is an excellent body reducing and anti-cellulite remedy. This is facilitated by caffeine. With regular wraps, you can lose up to 5 cm per month. To maintain delicate and soft skin, use a session every two or three months. Where to do the procedures is decided individually. Someone has the opportunity to go to the salon and not bother at home, and someone does not have extra finances, but there is time. You can easily make simple chocolate masks at home. Moreover, at home it is possible to add something that will further improve the effect. For example, coffee or honey. There are various recipes on the Internet, they are quite simple and very inexpensive..