The first results of the reforms

In the conference room of the central office of «HayPost», a meeting of the management with the employees of the company, who came from all regions of the country, took place. The goal is to take stock of the work done over the year and outline a program for the future..

In his speech, General Director of Haypost CJSC Hans Boon noted a significant improvement in the quality of postage services. A significant part of such shipments (35%) within the capital is delivered within one day. As for international mail, it is accepted, processed and exported outside the country in 4 days. A significant increase in postage was also recorded: instead of 3 million units in 2006, in 2007 5.5 million postal items were handled. In the near future, it is planned to introduce new types of services, in particular, express mail. It will allow you to deliver mail to any major city in the world within 48 hours..

As G. Boon said, «Haypost» intends to provide the population with financial services as well and is now working on the creation of PostBank: «We have a solid advantage — there is a huge network throughout the country, almost 900 post offices of» Haypost «. There is no other bank in Armenia with such a network. But in order to ensure high quality of service, new furniture and technology alone is not enough. It is necessary to organize the work of branches so that it is as comfortable as possible for visitors, to determine convenient opening hours for them, to diversify services. post offices, this process will be continuous: «Haypost» plans to update 50 more post offices throughout the republic «.

The company recorded: a significant decrease in losses and a sharp increase in income, even more than expected. The funds received, as G. Boon emphasized, will be used to repair and equip departments, renew the car park. But the most important thing, according to Boon, is not even the income received, but human capital. That is why the company intends to invest in improving the knowledge and training of its employees. A special room is being prepared in the «Haypost» sorting center, where the main training center will be located, in which classes and trainings for retraining and advanced training of personnel will be held. At the end of February, a one-week marketing course will take place in Moscow, where HayPost plans to send its employees. In April, Moscow will host an international philately seminar organized by the International Postal Union. Participation in it is also necessary, since, according to the general director, philately is one of the important areas of activity of «Haypost».