The main types of double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows on the modern market were presented relatively recently, and have already gained high popularity. Such structures are the main elements of plastic, wooden, aluminum windows, due to which the latter have high performance characteristics. The main functions of double-glazed windows are to provide a high level of heat, noise and sound insulation.

Structurally, a glass unit is a translucent structure, which consists of two or more glasses, between which a free space is formed. At its core, it is a replacement for ordinary glass, which gives the window special properties..

For the specific differentiation of double-glazed windows, their various characteristics are used. This is the number of chambers, and the width of the block, and the type of glass used, for example, tempered glass, ordinary glass, etc., as well as the purpose of the product..

Based on the number of chambers, double-glazed windows are single-chamber (with two glasses), two-chamber (with three chambers), etc. The most common is the single chamber design. It consists of two glass panes, which are separated by an aluminum strip, thereby creating an air chamber between them..

Two-chamber units are also popular. Three glasses in them are also separated by aluminum strips, as a result of which two chambers with air are formed. This design has higher performance in terms of thermal, noise and sound insulation. There are also blocks with three or more cameras. The number of cameras also affects the width of the block, therefore, the standards define the main standard sizes.

For the manufacture of double-glazed windows, glasses of various types can be used. Glazing can be made with ordinary, low-emissivity, tinted, energy-saving or tempered glass. Currently, energy-saving glasses are especially popular, since even with a minimum number of chambers in the block, they allow a high level of thermoregulation in the room..

Double-glazed units also differ in their purpose. Today, there are blocks for general construction purposes and structures with special properties, such as sun protection, armored, noise and dust protection.