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Toxicosis during pregnancy

Toxicosis is quite common in the life of a pregnant woman, and each one can have it in its own way. Toxicosis of pregnant women manifests itself in the form of nausea in the morning. For some, it occurs in the morning, for others in the evening, for some, toxicosis appears at an early stage of pregnancy, and for some, in the last months. Regardless of the degree of manifestation of toxicosis, it must be fought with. Each woman should understand that her body is individual, and what helps one does not mean that it will help her too. To relieve toxicosis, there are many means, some are helped by a pillow for pregnant women. According to doctors, toxicosis in most women occurs due to improper diet. If nausea appears, then, as a rule, you should pay attention to the menu. Try to eat more often, but in small portions. You should not allow your stomach to be empty because there may be a feeling of discomfort due to the appearance of acid in the stomach. If a pregnant woman is sick, this does not mean that the baby is sick too. It should not be forgotten that due to toxicosis, the child’s body may not receive all the necessary minerals and substances. Therefore, at this time you need to drink vitamins. One of the main values ​​in the prevention of toxicosis is liquid. A pregnant woman should consume it every day and in sufficient quantity. Best of all, it should be green teas, juices, still mineral water. It is possible to avoid the appearance of toxicosis if, after eating, you remain in an upright position for some time. After eating, you should not bend over, make sudden movements. If toxicosis manifests itself when inhaling odors that you previously liked, then they should be abandoned for a while. If you begin to notice that morning toxicosis occurs due to hunger, then in the evening put a cookie or a sandwich next to the bed that you can eat without getting out of bed. Some women, by the way, are helped by sour sucking candies. It is worth giving up alcohol, coffee, an active lifestyle. In case of motion sickness in transport, it is better to walk or try to sit in the front seats, where there is less motion sickness. Also, do not forget about a walk in the fresh air, good sleep..