Traces of the legendary Atlantis discovered near Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian government, in conjunction with the Geosciences Agency of Japan, announced that Japanese and Brazilian scientists have discovered a large mass of granite on the seabed near Rio de Janeiro. They suggest that this find may be part of the legendary Atlantis..

Two years ago, the first traces of granite were found on the seabed in the Rio Grande region, which is about 1,000 km from Rio de Janeiro. However, the find was not appreciated. And only the April dive to the bottom on a Japanese deep-sea vehicle called «Xinkai 6500» helped scientists to realize the importance of the discovery.

After analyzing the video recordings made by the camera’s cameras, the scientists found out an important truth — as it turned out, at the bottom there is a rock mass made of granite, the diameter and height of the base of which reaches 10 meters. In addition, scientists have found deposits of quartz sand around the massif, the formation of which is possible exclusively on land. According to scientists, this rock sank to the bottom several million years ago..

Researchers believe that the found massif is part of the mainland that once connected Africa and South America, which were later divided over 100 million years ago. In order to test their version, geologists intend to take samples of granite from the found section of the bottom..

For all the importance of the discovery, scientists cannot yet fully link the find with Atlantis. Gifu University professor Shinichi Kawakami said that previously Africa and South America were a huge single continent. One of the reasons for the sinking of this land area to the bottom is called the shift of the lithospheric plates. He also added that the legend of Atlantis appeared much earlier than the appearance of such a science as modern geology. Therefore, you should not associate this discovery with Atlantis..

Note that in his dialogues «Timaeus» and «Kriti» Plato asserts that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, but approximately in the X millennium BC. went to the bottom as a result of the disaster. According to many scientists, this mainland is a myth..

There is another version of what is happening, according to which Atlantis was once located in the Mediterranean Sea and died due to the eruption of the Santorini volcano 12 thousand years ago. According to the third version, Atlantis belongs to the times of the existence of the Minoan civilization (2600 — 1450 BC) in Crete. However, scientists believe that 3.6 thousand years ago, as a result of a powerful eruption on Santorini, a powerful explosion occurred, which caused a giant tsunami to hit neighboring Crete, which wiped out all Minoan cities..