Understanding the eligibility criteria for the Counter Strike 2 beta test

Despite Valve’s clear statement that idling in Counter Strike: Global Offensive will not improve a player’s chances of being chosen for the Counter Strike 2 beta, some players have still resorted to this tactic in hopes of increasing their playtime and eligibility for limited testing. However, Valve confirmed through a tweet that no activity on their servers would count towards beta eligibility.

Valve has set specific requirements that players must meet to be considered for the CS 2 servers Limited Test. They have outlined the selection criteria, which includes recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, Steam account standing, and a few other important factors.

The official Counter Strike: Global Offensive Twitter account, now representing Counter-Strike 2, made a public service announcement that idling on official matchmaking servers in CS:GO would not increase a player’s chances of being selected for the limited test.

Valve previously announced that Counter Strike 2 would launch in the summer, likely in August after the esports championship in Cologne. Those who did not receive an invitation to the limited test would have to wait a few more months. Valve is currently recruiting Counter Strike: Global Offensive veterans, first-timers, and streamers to participate in testing for Counter-Strike 2. There may also be an open or closed beta before launch, but only time will tell.