Varieties of autonomous power supplies

Nowadays, quite often one has to face the problem of ensuring uninterrupted power supply in places far from centralized power grids. Currently, the most optimal solution to this problem is the use of autonomous power plants. Today, such products are presented on the market in a very wide range and in various price categories. But before purchasing such a device, you should take into account some of the features of such power plants..

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that autonomous power plants are divided by types, based on the type of fuel required for their operation. On this basis, gasoline, diesel and gas power plants are distinguished. The latter are the least popular because they are expensive and difficult to operate. Gasoline generators are the simplest and most inexpensive sources of autonomous power supply..

As for diesel power plants, you can learn more about 100 kW diesel generators by clicking on the specified link. Currently, diesel autonomous generators are presented in the widest range of capacities. In this regard, it should be noted that units of this kind, which have low power, are not very popular, since they have a higher cost compared to gasoline counterparts, and an increased noise level. Low-power diesel power generators are equipped with an air-cooled system.

Diesel generators of medium and high power are much more in demand. Units of this type are equipped with liquid-type cooling systems. Please note that diesel generator engines can operate at different speeds..

Units with high-speed power plants (up to 3000 rpm) have less weight and dimensions, and at the same time, a greater noise level and a shorter service life. If it is necessary to purchase a diesel power plant for generating electricity for a long time, experts recommend giving preference to low-speed modifications (1500 rpm). Diesel power plants can generate both single-phase and three-phase voltage.