Varieties of glazing gazebos

Nowadays, on your own garden plot, you can realize all your plans for its arrangement. And first of all, we are talking about the construction of a gazebo. Due to the saturation of the modern market with building materials, the gazebo can be made of wood, metal, brick, etc..

But in any case, such a structure will be used for one purpose — this is spending free time in the fresh air in the company of your friends, relatives or business partners. And the weather outside does not always allow you to have a cup of coffee or make a barbecue in good weather, so you invariably have to resolve the issue of glazing of this type of design. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the surrounding nature in rainy, snowy and windy weather..

Today, the glazing of arbors is of two types — warm and cold. Buildings of this kind are glazed with a warm option in those cases when it is supposed to use the gazebo not only in the summer season, but also in colder seasons. In the process of carrying out the work, aluminum structures with a warm profile (aluminum profile with thermal break) are used. Despite the fact that the price of such work may be somewhat high, nevertheless, glazing in a warm version has its own advantages..

The warm-type glazing options, presented on, allow you to provide comfortable conditions for being inside the gazebo structure at any almost all year round. Thanks to this, a gazebo equipped in this way can be used as a winter garden, a fireplace room (provided that a fireplace is installed) or a greenhouse. Thanks to the use of doors and windows of a sliding and pivoting design, in the summer such a gazebo can be used in the same way as an open gazebo..

As for the gazebo with cold glazing, the cost of work will be much less than in the previous one, but the possibilities for ensuring comfort are more limited. In such a gazebo it will be impossible to warm up in winter, late autumn and early spring, as well as effectively shelter from a strong cold wind. In this case, glazing is made of an aluminum cold profile or frameless all-glass structures are used..