Varieties of roofing materials

The roof is the upper element of the roof of the building, designed to protect it from mechanical stress and precipitation. In addition, the roof covering creates the appearance of the house, so the choice of such material should be treated very responsibly..

Currently, there is a large selection of such materials on the market, and it is often very difficult to purchase the most suitable one. In order to solve such a problem, it is necessary to take into account a number of features of roof coatings and their varieties..

Roll roofing materials, which include isoplast roofing material, have been used for a long time. Such materials are quite sensitive to temperature extremes, atmospheric influences and especially to ultraviolet rays. A material such as roofing material is not frost-resistant, its service life is no more than 5 years, but if it is necessary to cover the roof for a short period, then such material is quite suitable.

Slate is one of the most common roofing materials, which are small slabs made from shale. In addition, at present, such a roofing material is made from sheet asbestos cement. For the most part, slate is produced wavy profiled. Such material is in great demand, since it has a low cost..

Bituminous-fibrous and PVC sheets on the front side have a protective and decorative paint coating. Such roofing materials are easy to install, since they are lightweight and devoid of the fragility inherent in slate. In addition, they are easy to process, and nails with plastic spacers are used to fasten them. After such material has been laid on the roof, it is not recommended to walk on it, as the roofing can be damaged..

At the moment, the most popular roofing coating is metal. It is a roofing sheet made of galvanized iron with a colored polymer coating. The roof, made of metal tiles, is quite light. Such material is distinguished by service life, performance characteristics, color fastness, warranty, etc..