Video intercom

Video intercom

Video intercom is a modern electronic intercom equipped with a video camera and an LCD display, designed to transmit sound, images and perform some commands (opening an electronic lock). The main purpose of the video intercom is the face control of visitors, undesirable, they simply do not open the doors, thus filtering out persons who want to enter the room.

Video doorphones can be wired, and more expensive models can be wireless, which greatly facilitates their installation and installation in the desired room. The LCD display used in the intercom is also involved in the price gradation, for inexpensive models it is black and white, and for those that are more expensive — color.

The forter online store offers a fairly wide range of various types of video intercoms and related products. And here you can familiarize yourself with and compare the advantages of a particular model, their capabilities and price. Qualified store consultants will provide you with comprehensive information on the purchase, installation and warranty service of any video intercom or intercom system.

The standard set of the video intercom consists of the following components:

The outdoor panel is installed next to the door and serves to connect visitors with

people inside the building;

The switch is designed to transmit a signal to the apartment chosen by the visitor;

Subscriber device, provides audio and video communication;

Camcorder used for image transmission.

If necessary, this set can be expanded with additional outdoor panels and video cameras. Some models of video intercoms provide a direct connection to the telephone line.

Video intercom is a complex electronic device and its installation must be performed by specially trained personnel. Trust the qualified specialists of the Forter company and they will not let you down.



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