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What pottery lessons are offered at Pottery Studio 1: benefits of visiting

Every person acquires a hobby. It appears from childhood or adolescence and accompanies throughout life’s journey. But there are people whose priorities undergo changes. Views on the world, people and one’s own purpose change, and accordingly, a new hobby appears.

Today we will talk about an extraordinary hobby taught by PotteryStudio in NYC, New York. This craft has lost popularity quite a long time ago. In modern realities, it has remained as a hobby and is actively practiced by residents of New York.

You can sign up for:

  • pottery lesson. The cost is $90 per person. In the allotted time, you will be able to make a product from white clay, fire it and take it home as a souvenir of the time spent;
  • pottery and painting lesson. You can independently make unique dishes according to your own design, paint them, and fire them. Lesson cost $120 per person;
  • date night. A couple in love creates and paints useful dishes, a necessary household item, a toy. The cost of a date is $200 per couple.

The duration of any lesson is 2 hours. Manufacturing, painting and firing are carried out under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

What are the benefits of visiting a pottery studio?

Like any hobby, pottery has a number of advantages:

  • You do not need experience or knowledge to participate in the lesson. You will perform all actions under the supervision of an instructor;
  • no entry fees or membership;
  • you can enroll your child in this studio, since in addition to adult groups, there is also a children’s group, where enrollment is carried out from 4 years old. The number of people in the group varies from 4 to 30. The child will receive many positive emotions from the time spent;
  • a date in a pottery workshop will help a couple understand each other better. In the process of joint activities, it is easier to achieve mutual understanding. In addition, working together can be very erotic and sensual, bringing many pleasant moments;
  • in the workshop you can organize a creative bachelorette party or corporate party. Number of guests from 4 to 30 people. For 2 hours you will be able to compete in skill and pick up memorable gifts from the holiday.

Creativity always inspires people, directing their thoughts in a positive and creative direction, and pottery is a clear confirmation.