All the subtleties of permanent makeup

What is a woman’s biggest dream? That’s right, always look beautiful and well-groomed, despite the total lack of time and energy. Moreover, everyone will find in their appearance exactly what they want to change or emphasize as a matter of priority: to change the shape of the eyebrows, lips, to give the eyes a mystery, becoming the owner of the look «with a drag», and someone has long dreamed of a cute mole above the upper lip … For others, permanent lip makeup (see the link for more information) is becoming an alternative to the usual morning «revivals» with the help of numerous cosmetics. And the opportunity to feel confident in any conditions, the situation, even in a sauna, steam bath or on the beach, does not lose its attractiveness.

Who should think about such a «tattoo»?

A permanent type of makeup is simply necessary for those women who have to correct their face many times a day with lipstick, powder, pencils and other cosmetics. In addition, such a procedure can sometimes become an excellent alternative to plastic surgery, because it copes with minor defects in appearance, both congenital and acquired with age, with no less efficiency. For example, after just a couple of hours in the salon, you can forget about such visual defects as the loss of eyelashes or eyebrows, «cleft lip», minor facial injuries, the consequences of unsuccessful plastic surgery and much more. And most importantly, the resulting effect will last from 6 months to 7 years..

Most ladies are afraid of ruining their face by injecting paints and other decorative materials into it. But this is due only to ignorance of all the intricacies of the procedure, during which only organic and mineral pigments are used. Moreover, the concentration of the former is much higher, since the naturalness of the final result depends on their presence. True, under the influence of completely natural biological processes, the plant components are destroyed, which requires periodic adjustment of the makeup. But this only proves once again that this procedure is absolutely safe..