Association of Industrial Parks of Russia

In Russia, many domestic enterprises carry out their direct production activities in industrial parks. Industrial parks are thought sites that host businesses linked by shared value chains. All enterprises located on this territory make the joint infrastructure of the industrial park and much more..

But there are times when there are several different enterprises in industrial parks that are not related to each other. Therefore, there is no mutually beneficial relationship between them and they have to solve their problems on their own and look for ways out of the current situations..

Quite often, there are situations when on the territory of such parks there may not always be the required number of warehouse premises intended for the temporary storage of a manufactured batch of goods, raw materials, equipment. Therefore, businesses start looking for companies that provide rental services. Today, renting a warehouse in Podolsk or in any other city is a rather demanded service. Therefore, it is almost impossible to rent a warehouse on your own. This is due to the high demand for these services. Only cooperation with professionals can guarantee you that renting a warehouse in Podolsk will be inexpensive.

For those companies that are members of Russian industrial parks, everything is much simpler. Today the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia has many members. On the part of the state, measures are constantly being taken to maintain them. The state is constantly promoting such industrial sites in the international arena. Thanks to this, the existing industrial parks are rapidly developing and annually produce competitive products on the world markets. In turn, the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia receives many interesting proposals from foreign companies that are ready to make good investments in promising projects of Russian manufacturers. Non-profit partnerships contribute to the development of the industrial parks industry in the Russian Federation. As for the state, it is not interested in the profitability of such industrial parks, but in the creation and increase of jobs, as well as in expanding the tax base. This can be achieved only if industrial parks are built at the expense of private entrepreneurs, and not on state funds, as was the case before..