Bank «BTA-Kazan» has updated the line of deposits

Now in all regional offices of JSCB «BTA-Kazan» (OJSC) in Russia, starting from December 9, customers will be able to issue a term savings deposit «Convenient».

This deposit provides for the placement of funds for a long period in the national currency, the size of the interest rate depends on the volume of the initial deposit amount. The main advantage of the «Convenient» deposit is that it has no restrictions on the terms and amounts of additional contributions, moreover, the depositor can spend funds up to a minimum limit. At the end of each year of the deposit, the owners have the opportunity to withdraw the interest that was accrued on the deposit. If the investment amount has changed due to the placement of additional funds or due to partial withdrawal of money, this will not affect the amount of the interest rate within the period of the deposit. According to Ruslan Alimov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of BTA-Kazan Bank, the creation of a new deposit is due to the trends in the banking market — clients want to keep and increase their funds over a long period. According to the results of 2011, BTA-Kazan Bank shows a stable growth in the volume of deposits of individuals — as of 1.12.2011. it totals 9,297 million rubles (31%). The confident growth of the total amount of deposits of citizens takes the bank to the 3rd place in the rating of financial organizations of Tatarstan. JSCB «BTA-Kazan» (OJSC) provides favorable conditions for all types of clients on existing deposits «Trajectory of Success», «Chocolate», «Multicurrency basket», «Kaleidoscope», «Care». You can make a deposit at any regional office of BTA-Kazan Bank. Also, in the offices of the credit institution, the client will be able to consult about the main conditions applicable to the entire line of deposits and make a preliminary calculation of the return on investment. JSCB «BTA-Kazan» (OJSC) participates in the population deposit insurance system under number 488. The Bank’s membership in this system provides an additional guarantee of the safety of depositors’ funds. As of December 1, 2011, the bank’s assets are within the limits of 26,933 million rubles, the volume of BTA-Kazan’s own funds as of December 1, 2011 reached 2,299 million rubles. At the same time, as of 1.12.2011. the amount of the loan portfolio for legal entities totals 9,341 million rubles, and the volume of the bank’s retail loan portfolio is 3,040 million rubles. As of December 1, 2011, the balances on the accounts of legal entities were recorded at around 2,926 million rubles. Today the bank has 36 regional branches in 16 cities of Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg..