General security alarm device

Today, no one has any questions about the advisability of installing a burglar alarm, both in the house and in the office. This is due to the fact that recently the problem of ensuring personal safety and saving property is more urgent than ever..

The principle of operation of the security alarm is that in certain places in the building, appropriate sensors are placed, through which control over specific surveillance zones is carried out. In the event of an insured event, first of all, information about this goes to the security company and the owner of the house or office, after which a warning device (if any) is activated, which is a flash lamp or siren.

For the most part, all security alarm systems consist of the same elements, with the help of which the fixation of what is happening and the notification of the alarm are carried out. These include the burglar alarm sensors ⁠, the control panel, the control panel communication device, and signaling devices..

Burglar alarm sensors, which you can pick up on the fenixalarm website, are very different: wired and wireless, infrared radiation, microwave, vibration, inertial, ultrasonic, magnetic contact, combined. The «brain» of the alarm system is the control panel (control panel), which must be under constant supervision.

It is best if it will be produced by a security company. The control panel receives information from all sensors, detectors and other elements of the system. The device analyzes the received data in accordance with the program laid down by the manufacturer, the owner of the protected premises or a security company.

The device for communication with the control panel is an element of the security alarm system, which can represent a keypad, key fob, display panel and a mobile phone. Signaling devices can also be of various types. These are light, sound and combined signaling devices. Structurally, they are made in the form of acoustic sirens, flash lamps or acoustic sirens with flash lamps.